Caroline Champenois


Trapping and cooling of trapped ions in Les Houches

Here are the notes of a 10 hours lesson given to young post-graduate students of the pre-doc school of Les Houches about cold atoms, in 2008

. You can download them from the HAL server.

A sorter and more recent version of this lecture "LASER COOLING TECHNIQUES APPLICABLE TO TRAPPED IONS", together with corrected exercices form chapter 6 of the book Trapped Charged Particles A Graduate Textbook with Problems and Solutions, ├ędited by Martina Knoop (CNRS, France & Aix Marseille University, France), Niels Madsen (Swansea University, UK), Richard C Thompson (Imperial College London, UK). "At Les Houches in January 2015, experts in the field of charged particle trapping came together for the Second Winter School on Physics with Trapped Charged Particles. This textbook collates the lectures delivered there, covering the fundamental physics of particle traps and the different types of applications of these devices."