Caroline Champenois

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Ion clouds in a linear Paul trap

Here is the picture of an ion cloud emitting laser induced fluorescence. It is made of several tens of thousands of calcium ions, laser cooled and trapped in a linear Paul trap. The elliptic shape is the signature of a correlated phase (liquid or crystal) whereas the layers which can be seen on the cloud demonstrate a local self-organization in a Coulomb crystal where the radio-frequency electric field is minimal, around the symmetry axis of the trap.

Three-photon STIRAP

A three-photon coherent population trapping, discovered in calcium like ions, allow us to propose a STIRAP-like scheme between the two metastable states of these ions. These laser interaction protocols can be used to build quantum memories. The advantage of a three photon coupling scheme is the exact cancellation of the first order Doppler effect. It makes the process suitable for an ion cloud, an example of a mesoscopic system.

Next conference : OPTIQUE-Toulouse-2018

After you enjoy tremendous plenary sessions, and so promising quantum optique and AMO conferences, come and meet me at the Women in Physics desk at any coffee-break! The French Optical Society has now its Women in Physics committee and we are waiting for this big meeting to start a network of people who wants to make things move! Hope to meet there.